Raider Robotix Parent & Mentor Association, Inc.

The Raider Robotix Parent & Mentor Association, Inc., or RRPMA, was formed in July 2013. RRPMA, a member of Parent Boosters, USA, enjoys 501(c)(3) status as a charitable organization. This was an important milestone for the parent-based support group.

The roots of RRPMA go back to the Raider Parent Mentors (RPM). RPM was originally formed many years ago by Mike Ciance, parent of two former student team members. Over time RPM grew to become a vital part of the team, providing adult manpower and guidance.

RRPMA assists with the team’s major activities like Brunswick Eruption and provides transportation for students to off-season competitions and other events. Parent mentors help seek out community service opportunities for student team members, tracking their progress for team travel eligibility. Parents also volunteer to prepare and deliver meals to the High School during build season, the six-week period when students practically live in the shop creating the competition robot. In addition to manpower, RRPMA coordinates fundraising activities throughout the year. And it goes without saying that you’ll always find RRPMA members at competitions and other events enthusiastically cheering the team!

How is RRPMA Organized?
RRPMA is governed by its Bylaws, adopted when it formally incorporated. Four Primary Officers, elected by members at the start of the school year, and a Corresponding Secretary, appointed by the Primary Officers, lead the organization.

Here are the RRPMA Officers for the 2023-2024 school year:

ChairpersonHarshal Dalal[email protected]
Vice ChairpersonSaravanan Palanivelu[email protected]
TreasurerMike Thompson[email protected]
SecretaryChris Tryon<[email protected]
Corresponding SecretaryLauralynne Cokeley[email protected]


Under the leadership of the Officers, Committees self-organize as needed to focus on various team functions. These Committees establish their own meeting schedules as need dictates.

Membership, Meetings, and Enrollment
Membership in RRPMA is open to parents of student team members, parents of alumni, team alumni, Mentors, and other interested adults. Consult the RRPMA Bylaws for specific information, voting rights for various membership roles, and related information.

RRPMA meets once a month in the Media Resource Center (MRC) at NBTHS, generally on the 3rd Thursday of the month, at 7PM. Check the ;team calendar for specific meeting dates.

The RRPMA Bylaws call for re-enrollment of all members each school year. Parents of student team members are required to enroll in RRPMA as part of the team member application and approval process.

Thank you for your support.

Mailing List
RRPMA runs an email list to provide timely news and information about the organization and about the Raider Robotix team. We invite you to subscribe to RRPMA News even if you have no interest in actively supporting the team through RRPMA enrollment.

We hate spam as much as you, maybe more. Our promise is simple: we will never sell, lease, disclose or use your email address for any purpose other than to deliver our news.